About Us


AKTIF ALUMINIUM SDN. BHD. was incorporated under the Companies Act on 17th October 1989. Aktif Aluminium is a building contractor specializing in technical field which uses aluminium, iron, brass, stainless steel and glass in its products. Aktif Aluminium is also a specialist in fabrication of domes for mosque. Aktif Aluminium’s activities are nationwide including Sabah, Sarawak and Brunei Darussalem. In addition, Aktif Aluminium employs a wide range of skilled workers.


The main activities of Aktif Aluminium involve technical work for buildings. Among jobs performed by Aktif Aluminium are installation of domes for mosques, grille of various designs and glass of various types. Aktif Aluminium is also specialist in the installation of skylights and stained glass of various designs. Aktif Aluminium employs a wide range of skilled workers and the jobs that have been carried out concentrated on various kinds of buildings. The list of jobs performed by Aktif Aluminium and appreciation letters from clients are hereby attached.


The materials used, technical process and stringent supervision in the fabrication and installation of domes ensure superb quality of the finished products. Aktif domes is made of various cladding material such as solid Aluminium Alloy sheet, Copper sheet, Polycarbonate sheet, Laminated or Tempered Glass and other materials to the Architects requirements. Extruded Aluminium alloys is used for lightweight dome structure to its allowable design specifications and economically to overall building construction.

The composite design using Aluminium and Steel Structure by space frame analysis is part of Aktif design and services to achieve the design strength for various architectural applications.